2017 Breeding Contracts

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Stud Fee $1200

Cooled Shipped Semen

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Fandango was the 2012 USEF Regional Andalusian Show Horse of the Year and is an International Supermodel of Horses, having bee photographed many times by the well known photographer, Bob Langrish. You will find Fandango's picture on books such as The Big Book of Horses and Signs of a Healthy Horse. He has an extensive show record with multiple championships in Driving, Halter, Performance, and Youth divisions.

Fandango is very kind, well-behaved stallion who loves having a job to do (besides breeding that is!!!). We have been doing mostly Working Equitation with him for the past two years. Before that he was doing quite a bit of driving. He is a very smart man with a lovely, puppy dog personality. And he thankfully passes these traits on to his foals - colts and fillies.

Fandango would be an excellent choice for breeding to your mare this season. Please contact us anytime. Pedigree page.

Fandango del Sol

(Don Juan II X Lolita)

Birth Date: 3/8/99

Height: 15.3 hands

Breed: Revised PRE




Color: Black Bay (EE/Aa)

Fandango and our granddaughter Emma!