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Our Boarding/Training Facility

     Our boarding facility offers daily group turnout, but can offer individual turnout if necessary. The horses receive as much hay as needed and two meals a day (three if need be). We cater to each individual horse's needs and specialize in the "special needs" type horses. Cornerstone's staff has extensive experience in all the aspects of equine care such as foaling, stallion collection, mare breeding, minor and major wound care, colic, Lymes disease, metabolic issues, Cushings, etc. Your horse(s) is/are in very good hands when they come to Cornerstone.

     Our training is done with kindness, gentleness, and understanding. We assess each horse's conformation and abilities before and throughout his/her training and make sure that we are only doing what is best for that individual horse. Your horse's health and happiness is our utmost concern. We offer regular clinics in the discipline of Working Equitation which is a relatively new discipline in the U.S. though it has been around for decades in Europe. Check out our "Clinics" page for more information on this great form of competition.

Our Staff

     Cornerstone Farm is owned by Ralph and Mindy Finelli and managed by Jaime McCoy. Ralph is an Architect for a living but can be seen around the farm brush-hogging, moving manure, dragging the rings, etc. Mindy is the main trainer in the barn and can be found on a daily basis giving lessons while holding her little grandson (Jaime's son) on her hip and her 5 year old granddaughter playing by one of the obstacles in the indoor arena!!! This allows Jaime the time to run the barn and make sure that all the horses' stalls are clean with plenty of hay and fresh water at their disposal (along with many other responsibilities).

     If this sounds like the kind of place you would be interested in boarding your horse and/or taking lessons, then please email or call us to make an appointment to come and visit. Thank you for visiting our website!

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Cornerstone Farm is a boarding and training facility, as well as a breeding farm.

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